Are there other drinks I can purchase that have flavor?2021-01-22T18:58:19+00:00

Yes – we do have several different options for flavored drinks that are approved.  Please check with your coach for options.

Am I allowed to take my medications?2021-05-14T00:09:06+00:00

If your doctor prescribes medications for you then follow your doctors advice.

Should I continue to take my daily vitamins?2021-01-22T18:59:22+00:00

Daily vitamins and minerals are already added in your IsaLean Shake.  Review the label and compare them to what you are taking.  You may not need both.  If your doctor prescribes more than follow their advice.

Are there other snack options we can have?2021-01-22T19:00:01+00:00

We highly recommend using the snacks that come in your package.  They have protein, carbs, fat, sugar and minerals.  They help keep sugar levels equally energized with the combination of nutrients.   However, we do have other approved snacks you can purchase. Contact your coach for additional ideas.

Can I drink alcohol?2021-01-22T18:57:21+00:00

No alcohol is permitted because it’s sugar and will take you out of fat burning mode for 72 hours.

Can I add flavored mixes to my water?2021-01-22T18:57:45+00:00

We do not recommend adding anything to your water except lemon or lime.  Adding additional artificial flavors is toxic and that is what we are trying to steer you away from.

Are we allowed to eat fruit?2021-01-22T19:02:48+00:00

Yes – at lunch time you will have one recommended whole fruit.  Recommended fruits are apples, pears or 1 cup of any kind of berries.

Can I make my Shakes up ahead of time?2021-01-22T19:03:51+00:00

You may make your shake the night before and re-blend it the next morning.   Do not make them up more than 24 hours ahead of time.  The shakes will start to lose the nutritional value.

Should I use the schedule that came in the box or the email attachment sent to me?2021-01-22T19:04:27+00:00

Only use the schedule attached to this email.  Do not use the schedule that comes in your box.  It is a different program with products you don’t need right now.

I can’t swallow the capsules – can I open it up and pour it in my shake or water?2021-01-22T19:05:11+00:00

We do not recommend opening the capsule to add to water or your Shake.  The capsule is made up of herbs and has cayenne pepper that will be very spicy.

Is it safe to take medication for headaches?2021-01-22T19:05:41+00:00

If you truly need the medication, please take it.

How often should I weigh myself?2021-01-22T19:06:10+00:00

Once a week – preferably after your cleanse days.  The scale goes up and down during the week and will catch up at the end.  If you weigh yourself daily, you may see an increase from time to time so don’t let that alarm you.


By Dr. John Mory

What is detoxification ?
Detoxification is the term used to describe the process your body goes through to get rid of toxins. Detoxification symptoms – both physical and mental – may appear when you alter your lifestyle by starting something new, such as changing your diet or exercising, or by discontinuing a current habit, such as eating chocolate or drinking coffee. These symptoms include headache, skin eruptions (rash), stomach ache, cough, diarrhea, clogged sinus, and fever, as well
as feeling rundown and irritable. The symptoms may be of short duration and slight irritation, or they could last longer and cause you considerable discomfort.

Because these symptoms are the same as those that show up in certain illnesses, changing your diet or lifestyle can result in misunderstanding . . .

If I am doing something that is supposed to be good for me, why do I have these unpleasant symptoms ? Why do I feel worse, and not better ?

Understanding this apparent contradiction is perhaps the first, and most important, hurdle you must get over when making a dietary or lifestyle change.
If you consider this contradiction carefully, however, it is easy to understand. Think of how you might have experienced this on a short-term basis. If you do not get regular exercise and then play some softball with your kids, the next day you might feel bad – tired with sore muscles. This is your body reacting to something that it is not used to doing. You can see the same thing when you stop a regular activity; if you are a soda drinker and stop drinking soda for a while, you may notice that you have less energy and you may even have a headache. When you change your diet or lifestyle, the same thing happens; your body reacts to the change.

Why does this happen ?

for a while, you may notice that you have less energy and you may even have a headache. When you change your diet or lifestyle, the same thing happens; your body reacts to the change.

Why does this happen ?

As we live, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Some of these are due to our diet and others are due to the environment around us. Of course, our lifestyle also fits in – if you smoke or use alcohol you are accumulating even more toxins. When you make a change in diet or lifestyle, through stopping a bad habit or eating better, your cells begin to eliminate the toxic substances. Before finding the exit, however, the toxins are released into the bloodstream and are carried through the circulatory system.

This transportation and elimination may result in headache, diarrhea, or constipation, and often toxins are eliminated through the skin, resulting in rashes or skin problems (especially if you are prone to such problems).

You may also feel a lack of energy, especially if you are eliminating meats from your diet. (The protein found in meat is more stimulating than that found in vegetables.) You may also find that, with the absence of toxins, you absorb substances more easily. Thus, the sugar and caffeine in a soda might really set you off.

In a nutshell, we could say that the body always goes for quality, and when the food coming in is of higher quality than the present tissue, the body will discard the present tissue because it wants to make room for tissue created by the higher-quality food.

How severe are the symptoms and how long do they last ?

How long the symptoms last and how severe they are depend on your lifestyle before making a change and how quickly you make a change. If you have a diet heavy in red meats, for example, and become a vegetarian overnight, you might have severe symptoms for a time. If your lifestyle changes are gradual, the symptoms could be less severe.

The duration of the symptoms might not be linear; there is a greater chance that they will come in cycles.

At first you may feel great and then experience some detoxification symptoms. After the initial toxins are flooded out, you
will feel good again, if not better. However, as the body “goes deeper” and finds more toxins to eliminate; the symptoms may reappear again, and after more toxins are eliminated, you will feel better yet. As things progress, you will find that the period of symptoms is shorter and the period of well- being greater.

Some Possible Detoxification Symptoms:
• Headache
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Clogged Skin
• Cold Symptoms
• Stomach Ache
• Gas
• Bad Breath
• Excess Perspiration
• Cough
• Moodiness
• Excess Mucous

What can I do during this period ?
The hardest thing for many people to do is accept that they are not sick and realize that the body is cleansing itself. Once you get beyond this psychological barrier, the rest is easy.

The most important thing to do can be summed up in one word . . . Rest. Rest, and let the body do what it needs to. If you have the luxury of staying home, do so! If not, cut back on social engagements and perhaps even cut back on any exercise you are getting. Give your body as much energy as possible to do its jobs.

Eat light foods that are easy to digest – consume fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

If I’m not hungry can I skip a meal or shake?2021-01-13T01:04:20+00:00

We recommend that you do not skip your meal or the IsaLean Shake. Even though you might not feel hungry, your body needs ongoing nourishment. If you wait until you’re hungry, you’ve waited too long to feed your body.

Once you have completed the first 11 days, you will enjoy 2 meals and 2 shakes. If you feel too full, we recommend having the lunch meal and a shake at dinner. The dinner meal is the only meal that is optional. You should never skip your breakfast and end of day (dinner or dessert) shake. They have active enzymes in them which break down the carbs and proteins for digestion. Plus, they work while you sleep so never, never, never miss your last shake.

Can I add fruit to my Shake?2021-02-11T17:25:56+00:00

We’re afraid not. Keep in mind that adding fruit or anything else to your Isalean Shake increases the caloric intake and sugars. This will affect your results if you are trying to lose weight. Once you have reached your goal and  you are maintaining your results, fruits are great to add.

If I feel tired or have a headache, should I discontinue my System?2021-02-11T16:37:11+00:00

It is not uncommon when cleansing or changing your normal eating habits to experience side effects. These can include: headache, fatigue, or constipation. First, try to drink more water or eat a snack. Fatigue and a headache are often signs your body is not getting enough water or you might be experiencing low blood sugar. A 1/4 of an apple is all you need to pick yourself up. But know that these are normal symptoms that will pass in a day or two. Detoxing your body may bring on these symptoms because you are drawing out the toxin from your tissue and also shocking your body with nutrition it is not used to. The products are designed to help bind and safely deliver the toxins out of the body.

Can I deep cleanse more than two consecutive days?2021-02-11T16:39:20+00:00

Cleansing two consecutive days will help you maximize your weight-loss goals, but you should never cleanse more than two days in a row. You will not lose any more weight and may even switch into storage mode. The program is carefully designed to maximize the benefits of nutritionally supported intermittent fasting; follow the protocol and you will see those benefits.

I’m a very active person and I have even been progressively increasing my workouts during my program. Should I eat more if I’m hungry?2021-02-11T16:41:25+00:00

There are several things you can do. We recommend you switch one or both of your Shakes to IsaPRO or add a scoop of IsaPro Whey Protein to your Shake. This will increase your protein and caloric intake safely. The extra protein will fuel your body with nutrients and calories your body needs when working out. You can also have 2 meals and 2 shakes on your workout days. Eating more protein on those days will also help.

Can we drink black decaf coffee or decaf tea?2021-02-11T17:13:41+00:00

Yes, you can enjoy 1 cup of decaf or regular coffee and or decaf or regular tea each day. We recommend staying away from creamer and sugars. The natural sweetner, Stevia, is permitted.

I am constipated – what can I do?2021-02-11T17:16:58+00:00

Your body needs about 25 grams of fiber each day. Your body needs fiber every day, around 25 grams for women, and 38 for men. Each shake provides 8 grams and the rest should come from your meals. If you don’t get enough from your meals then you’ll need to add our IsaFlush capsules or our FiberPro powder. The FiberPro powder can be added to your shake or water. This will give your body daily fiber so you’ll (need to) use it daily. It may take a few days to start working but you should become regular daily. Neither of these are meant for an immediate flush. You can use them daily for the rest of your lifestyle if you struggle with constipation.

How high do I fill the scoop for my shakes & cleanse?2021-02-11T17:17:45+00:00

Fill the scoop evenly to the top but do not over fill overfill it or you will run short at the end of your program.

Should I Exercise During My Cleanse Days?2021-02-11T17:19:26+00:00

A lot of people wonder whether or not they should work out while on cleanse days. The
answer is, yes. In fact, exercise can kick start the detox process and can help your body (to) eliminate
additional toxins- BUT, the important thing is to choose your workouts carefully. We
wanted to make a little “dos and don’ts of exercising on a cleanse day– so here are
some suggestions to help you get the most out of your cleanse day work outs!

Dos and Don’ts

DO – Yoga
Yoga is a great way to loosen your muscles without too much high impact, cardiovascular stress.

DON’T – Muscle Building Workouts
You aren’t taking in a lot of protein while cleansing, so it’s usually best to stay away from muscle building exercises like cross fit and weight lifting.

DO – Brisk Walking

Try starting your morning with a glass of room temperature lemon water followed by a brisk, 20 minute walk. This will help jump start your digestive system and keep everything moving throughout the day.

DON’T – Long or High Impact Workouts

Remember that part of cleansing is resting. Try to stay away from extended workout sessions and workouts that induce a lot of cardiovascular stress such as sprinting.

DO – Swim!

Swimming is a low impact exercise so it’s easy on your joints, but it counts as both a cardiovascular and a strength training exercise. Swimming has also been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

DO – Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great form of exercise to engage in during your cleanse days. Often referred to as “meditation in motion”, tai chi encourages strength and balance and could be the perfect way to help you cleanse your mind as well as your body!

Should I Exercise on Shake Days?2021-02-11T17:21:32+00:00

Yes. Exercise on shake days is the key to getting maximum results.

The whey protein shakes are an exceptionally healthy way to add more protein to
your diet. It’s a quality protein source that is absorbed and utilized efficiently by the
human body.

This is particularly important for athletes, bodybuilders, those 50 years or older, or people who need to gain
muscle mass and strength while losing fat.

When it comes to muscle gain and fat loss, protein is the king of nutrients. A
combination of exercise along with a healthy eating lifestyle work together to achieve
your health goals.

When should I drink my IsaLean Shake?
After a workout is the most obvious time to consume whey protein powder because
that’s when your muscles need it most. Drinking your IsaLean Shake within 30 minutes
of finishing your training session will initiate the recovery process by flooding your
bloodstream with amino acids, which are quickly shuttled into your muscle cells where
they can be laid down as new muscle tissue.