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The  Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System Overview

The program begins by following a very specific regimen that allows the body to begin cleansing on its own due to the high infusion of massive amounts of nutrients. The programs use one of the world’s rarest forms of whey protein from New Zealand where they do not use herbicides or pesticides and they use a low temperature pasteurization process. This process allows for over 20 amino acids to be preserved which assist the body in cleansing itself. The pasteurization process in North America uses a high heat process which destroys the key amino acids and enzymes in the protein.

Two key enzymes included in the New Zealand shakes are Lactase and Protease. Lactase allows those who are lactose intolerant to consume these shakes and Protease breaks down protein into peptides for easier absorption into our cells. You will not see these enzymes in most shakes because it is very expensive to provide these enzymes, which is why these New Zealand shakes are so effective.

The shakes also contain the amino acids Leucine and Cysteine which are critical in building lean muscle mass and breaking down toxins. Lucien is responsible for lean muscle mass development and cysteine is responsible for breaking down the toxins in the body, making them water soluble so they can pass out through the kidneys and the liver. Please note this is not a colon cleanse so you will not spend all of your time in the bathroom.

The second product is a very special Aloe Vera based cleanse that is extracted from the inner heart fillet of the aloe plant and not the leaf. The aloe is processed by a low temperature spray dried process, not by squeezing the aloe out of the plant leaf which is the common practice.  This process preserves very special nutrients, called polysaccharides that are involved in assisting the body with breaking the toxins down so they can be safely processed through the kidneys and the liver.

The next product is the snacks which are made from the same whey protein that is in the shakes. These snacks are like mini meals and help to keep your blood sugars level so that you aren’t hungry.  These snacks are not appetite suppressants but rather appetite support.  You are not hungry because of the massive amount of nutrients that are contained in the snacks.

The final product used in the cleanse program is the super vitamin. This product has cleansing teas to also assist the body with cleansing and promote thermogenesis which safely stimulates your metabolism naturally.

There are also over 70 trace ionic minerals. This protocol supplies your body with the nutritional equivalent of hundreds of individual essential ingredients which your body needs for optimal health and which today’s food supply chain fails to deliver.

The Cleanse Schedule

The programs follow two different types of days. There are Shake Days and there are Cleanse Days.

The purpose of Shake Days is to flood your body with nutrition and get your body ready to cleanse itself naturally. On these days you will drink a New Zealand Whey protein shake for breakfast, a healthy 400-600 calorie lunch (you WILL provide this meal), and then a second shake for dinner.

On  Cleanse Days you switch to the liquid nutrition of the Aloe Vera based cleanse four times a day.  At various intervals throughout the day you will  drink water and have whey protein mini meal snacks, and take one of the super vitamins in the morning and in the afternoon.

Warning when you stand on the scale on the morning of your first weigh in (Day 5) you will think your scale is broken.  We assure you it will not be. If you are like most of the cleansers you will have lost as much weight in those first four days as you have on any diet or exercise program in four to six weeks.

Now that you know the basics, you will be educated by your coach about other options to continue to help you achieve all of your goals. We are here to help you get the results you desire which may include gaining more energy, sleeping better at night, less discomfort, weight loss or regaining a feeling of youthfulness which you thought you lost.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed or nervous as; you will be assigned a nutritional cleansing coach, at no cost to you, who will offer support and guidance through each step of the program. They are here to educate and support you to get your best possible results in the shortest period of time. Once again, imagine losing as much weight in the first four days of this nutritional cleanse as on any conventional diet or exercise program in four to six weeks?